Flute and pennywhistle

   solo improvisations and group jams

by Nowick & friends

including Axel, Eugene and Bernie of Strange Moon

Green Fire

Green Fire adds the ambience of electric grooves and electronic trance (courtesy E. Neptune, Bulldog Meditation) to the spacious improvised tones of Nowick on flute and pennywhistle. Triamigos friends Axel and E. Neptune play drums and percussion, with cohorts Bernie (bass and vocals) and Tamara Sunsong (keyboard on “Space Duette”) joining for Strange Moon jams.

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1. Sailing (7:25) Strange Moon - In the Land of the Cuckoo Tribe
2. Synchronicity (6:22) Strange Moon - Reunion
3. Gypsy Camp (4:44) Triamigos
4. Jungle Train (4:40) Triamigos - EAN
5. Stretchinit (9:46) Strange Moon - Moonrise
6. Green Fire (2:50) Strange Moon - Easter Jam
7. Space Duette (4:12) Strange Moon - Migration
8. Icelandic Shores (5:14) Strange Moon - Strange Light
9. North (13:43) w/ E. Neptune - Bulldog Meditation, Various Paths

Triamigos - Nowick, E. Neptune, Axel
Strange Moon - Triamigos plus Bernie
, Tamara

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