Flute and pennywhistle

   solo improvisations and group jams

by Nowick & friends

including Axel, Eugene and Bernie of Strange Moon

Albums (streaming audio playlists and free mp3 downloads)

Bamboo Grove solo acoustic flute improvisations by Nowick Gray, plus mellow jams with friends

Green Fire - electric grooves and electronic trance jams, featuring Nowick Gray (flute) and friends

Abyssinia - E. Neptune on flute, in collaboration with Nowick Gray & friends (Triamigos, Strange Moon)

Audio-visuals (flute improvisations with nature photography slide shows on YouTube)

Nowick Gray, solo improvisation

Church of Maui | Mystic Beach | Thetis Lake | Maui Redwoods | Makena

Strange Moon Jam group

Wailea | Nepali Pass | In the Quiet Forest - live video

All Night Blues | Strange Yoga | Strange Funk

Collaboration: Bulldog Meditation

North / Winter

Nowick Gray online discography