Flute and pennywhistle

   solo improvisations and group jams

by Nowick & friends

including Axel, Eugene and Bernie of Strange Moon

Abyssinia - E. Neptune & Friends - Flute Jams with Triamigos and Strange Moon

Abyssinia features the improvisational wizardry of E. Neptune on flutes, painting moods spacious and gentle, energetic and adventurous. Adding drums and percussion are Nowick and Axel (Triamigos), with Bernie on vocals and bass joining for the jazzy jams of Strange Moon.

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1. Nimba (9:41) w/ Nowick
2. Sacred Threads (2:33) (Triamigos) Human Engineering
3. Abyssinia (4:28) (Strange Moon) Strange Light
4. Atmospheric (6:19) (Strange Moon) Easter Jam
5. Saraband (3:27) (Triamigos) JunJaz
6. Soli-tude (2:49) (Triamigos) Mango Chutney
7. 13th Floor (5:44) (Strange Moon) In the Land of the Cuckoo Tribe
8. High Tide (7:27) (Triamigos) EAN
9. Wild Wide (7:09) (Strange Moon) Reunion
10. Bell Weather (3:43) (Triamigos) Human Engineering
11. Salutation (5:31) (Strange Moon) Pink Bubbles
12. Gratitude Tantra (9:01) (Strange Moon) Pink Bubbles

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